Premium Ingredients

Globally sourced and loved by the community

Our Espresso

Experience the extraordinary at C.U.P. Our espresso is a symphony of smoothness and sweetness, setting it apart from traditional blends. Years of meticulous refinement in crafting our proprietary blend and profile have resulted in an espresso that is truly unique to Blenz.

Our signature blend is a journey of full-bodied richness, delicately balanced acidity, and the artistry of perfect crema with every pour. It culminates in a palate-pleasing finish, leaving behind a lingering sweet taste that defines the essence of C.U.P.

Our Herbal Leaf Teas

Indulge in the finest tea experience at our place, where quality meets conscience. We take pride in offering the highest quality, certified organic, whole-leaf teas sourced from around the world. Our organic tea leaves are all-natural, Fair Trade, and free from artificial flavors or ingredients.

Explore a world of diverse caffeine strengths, captivating aromatics, and distinctive tasting notes. Elevate your tea journey with purity, flavor, and a commitment to ethical sourcing

Korean Foods

With years of rich experience, our exceptional chef is dedicated to crafting the finest flavors. There's no such thing as a day without culinary innovation, as our chef tirelessly experiments to bring a symphony of tastes to your palate. Committed to delivering top-notch quality and innovative dishes, our chef ensures that every moment shared with us is truly extraordinary. Experience the pinnacle of taste as our chef's expertise transforms every dish into a culinary masterpiece